Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • All BCC Caliper designs are subject to FEA prior to production.
  • FEA performed by independent external contractor.
  • FEA is used to optimize and validate each design.
  • FEA is used to calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads.
  • FEA is used to calculate effects of force, pressure, acceleration, temperature and contact between components.

Millbrook Proving Ground

  • All BCC Calipers are subject to Track Testing at the Millbrook Proving Ground, one of Europe’s leading independent technology centres for the design, engineering, test and development of automotive systems.
  • Millbrook’s custom-built facility provides virtually every test and validation to trial and evaluate components allowing BCC to test Calipers to the limits of their performance.
  • Millbrook’s custom designed, repeatable and correlated tracks allow the BCC team to test all of our Calipers in a controlled environment, providing empirical data for our continuous improvement process.
  • In car instrumentation collects real-time data during testing for the following parameters:
    • Brake Disc Temperature
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Brake Line Pressure
    • 3-Axis Deceleration 

Bench Testing & Final Inspection

BCC Calipers are tested in-house prior to shipment for the following:
  • Material defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Operation
  • Integrity
  • And last but not least, appearance!