The BCC team has a long association with the automotive industry not only in manufacturing high quality parts but also in the establishment and development of national dealer networks for parts and technical support.

Our staff, are "petrolheads", having a passion for all things automotive that extends beyond the workplace and takes them to Le Mans, Silverstone, Goodwood and to University for specialist training in road vehicle braking.


Having been involved in the automotive market as both a contract manufacturer and an end user we came to the conclusion that the quality of some of the brake components on offer needed to be significantly improved. Further research confirmed our view and we set about:
  • Applying the same quality control system used in our aerospace component manufacture with the intention of making available to the consumer the best aftermarket automotive components possible.
  • Using our extensive knowledge of brake caliper manufacture, we started from scratch, to select and ensure the supply of traceable, certified materials and components
  • Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and commissioning independent expert finite element analysis to design a brake caliper that combines the best function and form.
  • CNC machining calipers from solid billets of certified Aluminium or Ductile (SG) Iron.
  • Testing the calipers exhaustively both in-house and at the Automotive Testing Centre, The Millbrook Proving Ground

Finally, satisfied that we have the best caliper we could possibly make, we combined this with a variety of the highest quality, British made, complimentary products and exceptional customer service to provide each customer with a range of upgrades tailored to their particular vehicle, improving both looks and performance without compromising quality or safety.